Herd Gets It Precisely Backwards Again

Steve Hayward notes this astute observation about Clarence Thomas from Tom Goldstein of SCOTUSblog. Writing in TNR, he calls Thomas and Scalia our most principled justices, but notes this difference:
Justice Thomas, in particular, remained willing to front new theories on critical questions, often writing only for himself, as in NAMUDNO. No other member of the Court is so independent in his thinking. The irony of course is that there remains a public perception, rooted in ignorance, that he is the handmaiden of other conservative Justices, particularly Justice Scalia. I disagree profoundly with Justice Thomas's views on many questions, but if you believe that Supreme Court decisionmaking should be a contest of ideas rather than power, so that the measure of a Justice's greatness is his contribution of new and thoughtful perspectives that enlarge the debate, then Justice Thomas is now our greatest Justice.

Remember that next time you read anything about him in HuffPo.