They've Got A Little List, They've Got A Little List

ninme has a running joke which I've picked up about self-centered boomers ruining everything. The punch-line is always, "Die, Boomers, Die." Thing is, we only want the ugly attitudes to die. The U.S. House of Representatives, however, means it literally.

Fred Thompson has an extraordinary interview with patient advocate and health policy expert (and former Lt. Gov. of NY) Elizabeth McCaughey.

Obamacare will pay for health care by killing the elderly. Once you reach a certain age, you have to receive counseling every 5 years about how to end your life sooner: how to refuse hydration, how to go to hospice right away. And if you get cancer or some other such illness, you have to get fresh counseling so you'll do what's in society's best interest.

And no guaranteed care to Alzheimer's patients or people past a certain age? Jiminy! The whole invented health care "crisis" is because people are afraid of the enormous expense of Alzheimer's and other end of life ailments. Why do we need a government program to just not treat the difficult, costly illnesses? Isn't that a lot like being uninsured?

Government health care is like an old lady's china service...a fitting occasion for using it is never going to come.

Not to mention the tax-payer funded abortion on demand and opening of federally-run abortion clinics.

Not to mention the crushing of competition on p. 16 of the bill in which companies are forbidden to write new policies from the moment the law goes into effect. Which means they can't respond to markets, which means they can't compete, which means this is a complete federal takeover of health care within five years.

Plus all the other reasons this is an economic disaster.

Honestly, every bill that comes down the pike these days seems like it's out of a science fiction movie. Real people cannot possibly be doing this, right?

I hate hysteria and conspiracy theories and demonization of enemies but what am I supposed to say that's calm and reasoned about a bill to deny health care to all our elderly and handicapped and to finance the eradication of the poor through abortion?

At least someone is reading the bill. Huffington Post has a pretty cool feature. They've posted the entire bill by section, and readers can go mark it up themselves.