Farewell "Tita Cory"

Corazon Aquino passed away Saturday of colon cancer. The Times' obit is decent; it's amazing how much of her story --once so well-known--I'd forgotten. For instance, that she was educated in Philly & New York; that she came to prominence after Marcos imprisoned her husband (his chief rival), and she'd memorize his messages and promulgate them; that the Aquinos lived in Boston for three years when Marcos released Benigno for heart surgery here; the chants of "Cory! Cory! Cory" during her campaign.

Benedict XVI of course sent condolences to the nation, but more importantly, he'd accompanied her in prayer on her deathbed.

I found this Philippine blogger who said this of her:
In 1986, the Filipino people, inspired and emboldened by the sincerity and courage of Corazon Aquino, took back the democracy that was taken away from them in 1972. Armed only by their faith and a firm belief in their capability to decide their own future, they faced down tanks.

Their valor and audacity proved that Mao’s famous adage on power was just another lie foisted by oppressors. Edsa established, once and for all, that power comes not from the barrel of a gun but from the hearts of the people.

Corazon Aquino understood power. From day one of her presidency, she knew that the power she held was not her personal property nor was it for her personal gain; she only held it in trust for her people. And she never betrayed that trust. That’s why years after she left Malacanan, Corazon Aquino continued to be loved, trusted, and heeded by the nation.

That's her body being transported to Manila Cathedral. She's the only person other than an Archbishop ever to lie in state there.

Here's kind of an off-beat article about her Marian devotion.

Her funeral is tomorrow.

Update: Mr. W. writes about his experience as an election observer in the Philippines when she came to power.