Feminists for NFP

It's a start. A post at a feminist blog begins:

Lately, our thinking about birth control seems to be shifting. Earlier this summer, the Guttmacher Institute released a study showing that proper use of the withdrawal method is nearly as effective as condoms, and, as Double X’s Jessica Grose pointed out, lots of young, educated women are using it. Meanwhile, abstinence-only education funding has been zeroed out, and Guttmacher just published another study that reveals young women often abandon birth control methods they don't like. Several different liberal media outlets have been hashing out options beyond the trusty condom.

So why has nobody mentioned the highly effective, completely natural fertility awareness method, or its Catholic sister, natural family planning?

Then she goes on to say what us benighted Catholics have been saying all along. Minus the pesky God, life and morality stuff. NFP is highly effective, cheap, organic, and doesn't mess with your body as the pill does.

She has no moral opposition to contraception, but thinks we're missing the boat by not at least offering the natural methods as options (Common Ground Alert!). The main objection seems to be that no one has time to chart. Although charting takes less time than the act of marital embrace, so I'm thinking if you're too busy to take your temperature, the point might be moot.

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