Get Bush/ Obama Fail

Jennifer Rubin notes that Carville thinks prosecuting Bushies is politically stupid.
She writes: Carville is warning the administration: turn back. But Holder and Obama know better. They are in “Get the Bushies” mode. The country, however, is not and now barely tolerates the president. What will they think when the full force of the U.S. government is arrayed against low-level operatives who were trying their best to extract critical data from the worst of the worst terrorists? Why they might get the idea that the president cares more about his left-wing base than about protecting and supporting the intelligence community.
Mr. W. points out that Obama has already promised NOT to do this. That he feels he must is probably an indicator of how much he's catching it from the Left for being willing to drop the public option on his health care plan. He has to give his base red meat.

Which is quite desperate, this early in an administration.