Obamacare Violates Human Rights

Come back, it's not about abortion, death panels, embryos or even conscience protections. Just Imagine you are a doctor. You kill yourself getting into and passing medical school, use up your twenties in internships, the work itself is rewarding but stressful, unrealistic expectations mean juries think everything is malpractice & you have to buy expensive insurance and ...blam....suddenly the government tells you how much you can be paid?
imagine how you would feel if the rest of us got together and proposed that the government should become the primary client for medical services. As part of the deal, the government will determine how much you will be paid. Lawyers, business executives, electricians, and plumbers (to name but a few) will all be allowed to command what the market will pay for their services—but not you. Simply because it is possible that a majority may be found who think this scheme is a good idea, you may lose all the benefits of offering your services in a free economy.

Is this situation really fair? Have your fellow citizens honored your inherent rights and freedoms? They have not, and this why a public option is so offensive. It represents a move by a majority of citizens to control the economic well-being of a person who has endured extraordinary hardship and trials in order to become a much-needed provider of medical services.