So Crass

The good news is, I've been listening to Uncle Tom's Cabin in a truly stellar audio version. Buck Schirner's voicing is truly brilliant --which isn't something I thought I'd ever say about a book on tape.

The bad news is, every time I switched disks, the radio defaulted (I was in the car a lot today) to the all news stations and I had to face the fact that few people in our public life have any decency at last, sir.

Yes, I'm talking about the passing of Teddy Kennedy. I can't decide what is more sickening: the Conservatives unloading on him or the saccharine tributes from the MSM and the ultra-gross "win one for Teddy" use of his death as a point in favor of passing health care reform. Everything for political points, nothing for humanity, friendship, or even decent respect for a worthy foe.

Everyone used him today, enemies and "friends" alike, and few (there were exceptions) had the decency to just observe a moment of silence and awe before Death, the great leveller, and a man's passing. I've had few days when I felt so sickened by the monumental grossness and inhumanity of our culture or a more intense feeling of "a pox on all of youse."

May I just add as a point of logic that it is impossible to know the impact of a man's life on the day of his death, so spare me the retrospectives until you've gone to your closet and thought about it a little?