Proxy War, Persian Style

Interesting day on the streets of Tehran yesterday. Massive demonstrations for al-Quds, which was instituted by Ayatollah Khomeini on the last Friday of Ramadan, as a massive rally of opposition to Israel. Basically, the whole country of Iran is supposed to take to the streets shouting, "Death to Israel! Death to the United States!" This year 500 (if you trust the state press) or 1-2 million green demonstrators opposed the government instead. (And doesn't that sound eerily like our official coverage of the tea parties? America: a free press, just like Iran's. But I digress).
The regime supporters yell “Death to Israel!” and the Greens chant back “Death to Russia!”
Former President Khatami apparently had his turban removed in a melee. Which Wiki says is a grave insult in Shia Islam. Great pictures of both sides here.