In Which I Side Against The British PM


Related: After hijacking the forum for hours on end, Gaddafi ended his UN talk by dramatically throwing out the UN Charter. After which, Gordon Brown took the stand and reaffirmed it.

As I said at ninme's place, in this limited instance I think I'm on Gaddafi's side. Gaddafi's more honest about what the UN actually does.

Why must we pretend that an organization which exists to misspend money, enrich apparatchiks, make sex-slave rings of girls in war zones, fund China's forced abortion policy, give international venues to holocaust deniers, dictators and mass murderers, subvert international sanctions to prop up tyrants against human rights, promote abortion as the key to development, divert disaster relief money to fraudulent organizations, veto any effort to intervene on behalf of human rights for even the most oppressed peoples, bully religious nations into adopting Western promiscuity as a condition of aid money, allow countries such as Sudan & Syria to chair committees on human rights and persecute Israel as the sole nation on earth ever to have done anything wrong is in any way noble or dedicated to peace or human rights?

Move the UN to Tripoli and be done.