The "R" Word, Two Cents More

Further to the "R" word post. Why must I and others pay the freight for MoDo's baggage? In her infamous column saying the opponents of Obamacare are racists she writes:
But, fair or not, what I heard was an unspoken word in the air: "You lie, boy!"
But of course no one said or implied any such thing. That last, and offensive, word was no place but in her inmost thoughts. Ann Althouse rightly asks,
Why is she not ashamed to let us hear that? Because she somehow really thinks that what comes from her own brain does not come from her own brain. That's not just unfair — as her statement reveals she knows — it's crazy.
Well, that's crazy Mo for ya'. Yet another reason I miss the late Michael Kelly is because as her friend he kept her remotely sane.

But hang it all if I don't get a whiff of the same poison and have precisely the same reaction to President Carter's latest remarks. That is, that he is revealing his own inner demon, not anyone else's.