Scenes From The Tea Party

All photos by Mary Bell

My spy at the big tea party sends along her photos and comments. How large was the crowd? Since thanks to Louis Farrakhan the Park Service doesn't count anymore, it's disputed. However, WaPo, which always puts the 50-70,000 Marchers for Life (depending on the year) at "tens of thousands," says
Saturday's throng appeared to number in the many tens of thousands.
Which makes organizer claims of 1 to 1.5 million seem right to me. This is many-fold times the size of the March for Life. But judge for yourself by the pictures. The Daily Mail photographer got this same shot but further back and calls it, "up to two million."

Anyway, on with the show.

A favorite sign.

Love this shot. "These guys were enthusiastic and they held those flags for hours."

Flags galore.

One elderly, frail looking lady sitting in a wheel chair with a sign, "Don't pull the plug on Granny!" caught my attention. I'd say this was not just an anti-Obama rally; it was an anti-big-government rally. And the people were very friendly!

All in all, a day of peaceful protest against what thousands of us think is a run away government spending money we do not have. Everyone was very nice, and I didn't see even one inkling of unpleasant confrontation. And the National Mall was not trashed!

Here's a shot of my spy with her husband. She & my mom have been friends since high school and we've known them for ages, so I can vouch for them: neither birthers nor birchers, no matter what the Lefty blogs tell you. And do they look mean to you?
I made my sign small so it would be easy to carry. We had a good time. We met people from CA, KS, ME, TN, NC, SC, OH, and lots of people from Texas [my spy's always on the lookout for fellow Texans]. They came from Houston, The Woodlands, Garland, San Antonio, and other places too numerous to mention.

Update: More signs. Our side has a sense of humor! Revolutionary in itself. (Curtsy: ninme)
Update 2: time-lapse vid of the crowd