Kicking Bush In The Shins Thrice

What do you jump after the shark?

The Nobel Prize for peace goes to President Obama. The nominations had to be in in February.

I did not think they could do anything more ridiculous than grant the prize --the peace prize-- to Jimmy Carter to kick George Bush in the shins. But at least Carter has built some actual houses for the underprivileged. Then they gave it to Al Gore for narrating someone else's slide show, which was clearly a 2nd kick for Bush. And now the man's off the world stage and they felt the need to kick him yet again.

The nomination had to be in in February, when Obama had been on the job for two weeks. And now the Nobel Prize for Big Talk has been unanimously (!)bestowed upon a guy even SNL recognizes has achieved "jack" and "squat." Unanimously? Seriously? There's no one else in the whole world who has done more for peace?

They say this award is to encourage his efforts more than to reward them. But why not encourage something real? How about awarding teachers in schools for girls in Afghanistan? Or Bishop Chacour in the Middle East --he's left-wing and anti-American enough for the Committee, but still genuinely deserving. Doctors Without Borders couldn't win a second time?

The Nobel Prize for Peace: Norway's consolation prize when the Olympic Committee humiliates you.

Update: I was just plucking ideas off the top of my head, but Mary Katherine Ham has some of the people actually passed over for the prize. Apparently accomplishment was a disqualifier.