This Just In...Fox Out

Lee Habib with what's supposed to be satire, but seems entirely plausible to me. Including the end.

My spy in New York adds (since he asks for updates):
January 14, 2010: This just in from the US Weather Bureau. In an exclusive interview with David Broder of the Washington Post, Bureau Director Thomas Witherspoon announced that Fox News will no longer be allowed to report the weather: "They consistently report the temperature as being untrue things like"chilly" "blustery" or "20 degrees" in an obvious effort to undermine the passage of Cap and Trade, the most important weapon in the government's arsenal against Global Warming. We have observed that many of their viewers have been so brainwashed by this false propaganda, that they're actually wearing coats and mufflers. Fox's scurrilous pandering to the coat and muffler industry has put it beyond the pale."