We Win

Now that Bush is out of office, it's okay to acknowledge that he was 100% right on stem cells. Not that we'll acknowledge he was right, just that we'll pretend we didn't spend 8 years denying what we are now reporting as the simple truth.

Remember how California bucked the Bush anti-science and funded embryonic stem cell research? No more (or almost no more --only 4 of 14 funded projects involve embryonic stem cells).

Get a load of The Grey Lady's lede (but put your neck brace on first) I
n a tacit acknowledgment that the promise of human embryonic stem cells is still far in the future, California’s stem cell research program on Wednesday awarded grants intended to develop therapies using mainly other, less controversial cells.
Oprah's Dr. Oz told Michael J. Fox that last year. The founder of embryonic stem cell research left the biz in favor of adult stem cell cures a couple of years ago, taking all his cutting edge labs with him. But the Times could never bring itself to report such things as long as they would prove Bush right.