Who's Giving Odds?

Mr. W. & I are betting health care is dead.

  • Bellwether elections in VA & NJ looking bad for Dems. Creigh Deeds, who's going down in double digits next week according to local polls, wouldn't even have Obama in to stump for him. The papers have made more of his opponent (and likely next VA Gov) not allowing Palin to stump for him than of Obama having the booger touch 9 months after his historic election. (Palin is more newsworthy than Obama?) Which means if the Dems don't pass health care before January, all their people will flee: no one wants to cast that vote so close to November 2010.
  • Joe Lieberman says he'll join a GOP filibuster against any health care plan that includes a public option --even an opt-out public option.
  • And the Dems keep saying they're acting, but nothing happens. Seems like prolonged dithering to us.
Who will take our bet?