At Least We Can All Pass Each Other's History Exams Now

I would call this absolutely the funniest item of the day were that not so obviously derivative of the Queen of Links, to whom curtsy for this.
Anyone who’s flipped through a Canadian social science textbook any time over the last 20 years knows what I’m talking about. According to the approved official version of events, Canadian history goes something like this:

White people arrived and brutally destroyed the advanced and untroubled native civilization that was flourishing in their absence. Then the English conquered the French, and we don’t really have any comment on that, but it happened. Later on, we formed a country, and did a way better job of it than those crazy Americans, and at some point after that, we won a battle at Vimy Ridge, which was instrumental into making us into peacekeepers a generation later. How that happened, no one knows, but don’t ask questions. Just trust us. And then Pierre Trudeau came along, and we purged ourselves of all remaining human imperfections while simultaneously becoming bilingual UN cheerleaders. And it should be noted that women played a huge role in every part of that process, except the bad parts. The End.

Our books are almost precisely the same except you'd have to substitute, "later on, we formed a country, whose founders were miserable bigots who left the imprint of their miserable bigotry right up until this day upon this sorry excuse for a nation which has never done one good thing, except for the stuff women, Martin Luther King, Jr. and John F. Kennedy did, no thanks to Senator McCarthy. Woodstock was cool, though."