Damned Lithuanians!

Lithuania passed a law
which prohibits promotion of “homosexual, bisexual, polygamous relations” among children under the age of 18.
So the EuroParliament condemned the law; submitted a complaint to the EU Agency For Fundamental Rights; and tried to have Lithuania suspended from the EU.

Lithuania, however, ain't taking that lying down:
The just-passed Lithuanian response seeks to have the European Court of Justice determine the “lawfulness” of the European Parliament resolution and to determine further that the resolution is void. The Siemas contends that if the European resolution is not formally voided it would “become a dangerous precedent.” The Lithuanian resolution also expressed "regret" and "deep concern" that the European Parliament attempted to “doubt the lawfulness of the law passed by the great majority of the democratically elected parliament of a member state, although this issue should not fall under the jurisdiction of the EP.”
A Lithuanian Labor Party member got it right:
Some years back we called this ‘Moscow’s Grip,’ the tendency to meddle in everybody’s business…”
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