A Fit Home


A certain political cartoonist deployed in harm's way bequeathed the Weedlets his pet mice before he left --which seemed to their mother like a naked act of aggression, but she has come around. They are truly beautiful little creatures, and unlike their laboratory counterparts, not smelly.

They are always doing funny little things. Once the cartoonist had an unopened box of Chinese take-out rice and wanted to give the mice a little culinary treat, so he put the box in their cage. The next morning he found the mice, rather than feasting, had moved into the rice.

Not wishing to attract bugs, but now aware that his guests would be glad of a little privacy even in their aquarium, he evicted them from the rice box and substituted an empty Orbit gum tub, where the three of them dwelt contentedly until Grandma provided them with a gourd, at which point they moved on up to the big time, finally having gotten their piece of the pie.

Sometimes all three of them poke their wee heads out at once, but I haven't managed to be camera-ready for that shot.