Hey, Europe! Remember These Guys?


Since I didn't hear their names at today's celebration (or Lady Thatcher's, or George H.W.'s or Brian Mulroney's, either, for that matter), just thought I'd jog your memories. Don't worry: God remembers, even if you don't.

Der Spiegel has interesting coverage. An interview with President Medvedev (what has he to do with anything?), but balanced with an interview with Lech Walesa ("it's good Gorbachev was weak" is a welcome candid comment in light of the crowds chanting, "Gorby! Gorby! today. On the other hand, the interview comes off as a bit self-serving.). And just in case anyone's wondering what the big deal is, read about what Germans are finding when they look through their old Stasi files.

A former president was at the celebrations. Not so the sitting president.