Hoist By Their Own Petard

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I pointed out (see the final 'grafs) that abortion supporters' reaction to the Stupak amendment proves the truth of the objection that health care reform as currently constituted will destroy all private insurance? That they don't seem to notice they're giving their game away?

CMR notices the same, and with a humorous twist.

Abortion groups are worried that the government ban on taxpayer funding of abortion will affect private insurance. Stupak's answer to that is
There is no language in this amendment that in any way prohibits private health insurance companies from offering these services.
Heh! Just as Granma & the President assure us that abortion is never mentioned in the bill. (Neither are hernias.)

Dept. of Health Policy Chair Sara Rosenbaum says of the Stupak amendment:
The treatment exclusions required under the Stupak-Pitts Amendment will have an industry-wide effect, eliminating coverage of medically indicated abortions over time for all women, not only those whose coverage is derived through a health insurance exchange.
CMR notes:
What?! The public option will "eliminate coverage?" What?

Take it a way, boy:
Now, just a few months ago Sara Rosenbaum was quoted in an NBC story, as being a strong advocate of the public option exactly because it would lead to:
"much broader coverage, more benefits, more services, deeper coverage, thereby allowing people a choice of a product that actually is tailored to their needs."
So you see the public option encouraged more choices in everything until the Stupak amendment. That doesn't make much sense now does it?

Liberals are caught in their own talking points and Stupak knows it.