Must They Be So 1984 About It?

We get it, okay? The same-sex marriage movement cannot co-exist with Catholicism. Therefore, the DC City Council has introduced a law which will force churches to recognize same-sex marriages...unless they withdraw into their little Christian ghettos and quit inter-acting with society.
The proposed law... redefines marriage as “the legally recognized union of two people.” It says a religious association or a non-profit associated with a religion shall not be required to provide services, accommodations, facilities or goods related to the solemnization, celebration or promotion of a marriage that is in violation of the entity’s religious beliefs unless the entity makes those services available to members of the general public.
I understand that the DC City Council prefers same-sex marriage to the First Amendment rights of free exercise of religion, free speech and freedom of assembly.

I also understand that once the church-run hospitals, 12-step programs, soup kitchens, pregnancy homes, women's shelters and homeless shelters have either closed to the general public or closed outright, and the city's government-run social systems are revealed to be as inadequate for the city's actual needs as they are, the next meme will be that Christians only care about themselves and are a burden on society (remember when they burned Rome?!)

I get it. But must they call this move the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Equality Amendment Act of 2009?

It's like living in a cartoon around here sometimes.