Peter Wehner Is My Best Friend Today

For writing Objectively, Ayn Rand Was A Nut. I understand her appeal right now. In the land of blind victims and victimology, the one-eyed pull-yourself-up-by-your-own-bootstraps man is king. But, c'mon, people: her views are inhumane & repellant. "Going John Galt" just means being a mean self-absorbed bastard instead of a "nice" one.

I have never been able to take her seriously thanks to a family story in which she sat en salon with my grandparents and a few others, holding forth at length (as was her wont) about why there was obviously no God. After which one of her interlocutors dared to be unpersuaded.

"But I still think...."

"What!?" she replied, sneering and incredulous, "You still believe in God? But I have just explained to you that he does not exist!"

An interesting, but utterly preposterous, figure.