Why Do They Hate Us? II

A sitting president of the United States has used a vulgar epithet to refer to American citizens. Then, after hardly noticing Ft. Hood, he shamelessly used dead & wounded soldiers to twist arms for votes.

MSM, pc politicians, convinced Americans are the kind of people who take to the streets in angry mobs. More concern for utterly hypothetical anti-Muslim backlash than for actual dead and wounded at Ft. Hood.

Indeed, so worried about angry Americans such as pro-lifers and tea-partiers, they utterly dropped the ball on a murderous traitor in our midst.

The new health care bill means (if it passes in the Senate, which Steyn thinks it will and I think it won't --although read his post, as he is absolutely correct about what the game is) you are required under penalty of law to buy a $15,000 (for now) health insurance plan; the plan will be provided for you by the HHS secretary; Medicare has been gutted in favor of redirecting funds to "community organizers" to fight obesity.

Basically health care in America now means the gubmint is going to charge a lot of money for your neighbors to rat you out to the government if you eat a food containing corn syrup. (All the while maintaining federal corn subsidies that make corn syrup the cheapest sweetener and filler ingredient in the first place.)

Never before in our history has the vast majority of our political leaders so despised the people and institutions of the United States.