Why Do They Hate Us?

Congress, I mean. Excellent summary of Granma's new bill --the one they're voting on the day after tomorrow:
  • Puts virtually all decisions about medical care in the hands, not of the patient, the doctor, or even the insurer, but in the iron fist of the federal government.
  • Outlaws competition between insurance carriers:
    • Must accept all applicants;
    • Cannot charge more for subscribers with pre-existing medical conditions;
    • All carriers must offer the same gold-plated plans;
    • Carriers cannot sell outside their own states -- yet they will also be subject to antitrust regulation; thus they must be completely governed by the federal government to avoid being sued (or indicted).
  • Forces medical-care rationing:
    • Rationing by waiting list (the "death queue"), where the feds hope that if they delay your treatment long enough, you will either go to some other country and pay for it -- or better yet, just die;
    • And rationing by the ObamaCare Payment Advisory Commission, or whatever they'll cal it -- that is, a "death panel" -- just as the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission decides how much the feds will pay for any Medicare procedure, or whether to cover it at all. No coverage, no care... unless you had the good sense to become a multi-millionaire.
  • Mandates that all Americans buy a very expensive policy, like it or not.
  • Includes a strong government-run health-care component.
  • Rigs the game so that employers are virtually forced by economic necessity to dump their health-insurance programs and force employees into the mandatory government option. Most Americans will lose their current health insurance in favor of the government plan, whether they want to switch or not.
  • Raises taxes by many hundreds of billions of dollars, not just on medical care but on pharmaceuticals and even medical devices.
  • Dramatically raises the cost of medical care and prescription drugs for everyone. Except for members of Congress and senior White House staff, including the president; top government officials are all exempted from the restrictions and rationing of SqueakerCare.
  • Speaking of that program, the Pelosi bill loots Medicare to the tune of half a trillion dollars -- or more.
  • Costs in excess of $1.2 trillion...
Maybe we could agree to meet with Congress without pre-conditions and get them to stop trying to destroy us.