Boxer: There Are No Words


From yesterday's Senate debate about the Nelson (pro-life) amendment, which, fittingly, they aborted by tabling rather than simply voting on it. What are we to say about a woman who can't tell the moral difference between Viagra and abortion?

And it is this woman's moral reasoning that carried the day in that august body! (With the help of 16 Catholic senators on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, I add with shame.)

Moreover, in the last part of the clip --whether by willful deceit or stunning ignorance I would no longer care to place a wager-- she gets the law of the land on abortion completely and utterly wrong, acting as though Roe imposes some kind of trimester limitation on abortion procural. Which, as anyone who follow the issue even slightly cannot not know, is utterly false, thanks to Roe's companion case, Doe v. Bolton. I wonder how many members of the U.S. Senate could pass this simple Roe v. Wade quiz?

Sigh. At least we are about to have a moment of reckoning for pro-life Democrats. Let's see if there actually are any, shall we? I would not lay odds that a single one of them will vote against the health care bill, abortion funding notwithstanding.