Hold Your Breath...Or Don't

Earlier this week, in the most astonishing power grab of the Obama administration yet, the EPA asserted its complete control over the air we breathe, and therefore a "command and control" (actual words of an administration source) right to regulate everything in the country. (You are officially a pollutant according to the federal government!)

Not to worry, though, as Kim Strassel explains.
Hurrah! It's the administration's problem! No one can say Washington isn't doing something; the EPA has it under control. The agency's move gives Congress a further excuse not to act.

"The Obama administration now owns this political hot potato," says one industry source. "If I'm [Nebraska Senator] Ben Nelson or [North Dakota Senator] Kent Conrad, why would I ever want to take it back?"

All the more so, in Congress's view, because the EPA "command and control" threat may yet prove hollow. Now that the endangerment finding has become reality, the litigation is also about to become real. Green groups pioneered the art of environmental lawsuits. It turns out the business community took careful notes.

The bad news is, we're being governed by a group of tyrants with no respect for liberty, human rights, constitutional restraint, or even your right to breathe air. The good news: they're amateurs.