And Just Like That, It's America Again

Scott Brown is the junior senator from Massachusetts. I am totally in love with the Founders again this evening. They gave us a system hostile to Party government such that even when the President & Congress are of the same party, candidates respond to local interests.

Obama. Pelosi & Reid made the fatal mistake of thinking that their ideological agenda could override local interests. That is costing them dearly tonight.

This could not happen in Europe, where parties rule and parties actually unify in the face of pressure. Our Congressional system was designed to mitigate against parties, which the Founders considered factions.

And the President is now 0 for 3 in states he carried handily only a year ago: VA, NJ, MA.

Update:  Mr. W. asks: what does Obama say in SOTU next week? When Clinton lost the mid-term elections, his speech was, "we heard you, the era of big government is over." What can Obama say?