Changes Coming

Another year, another blog format?
  • JS-Kit is cancelling haloscan (my comment platform), so all the comments ever left on this blog are about to go away unless Eldest Weed can figure out how to import them. 
  • While I like his template design (introduced last year), certain things on the blog have never worked properly since: namely, the search button. Which is annoying, since it's impossible to make connections between one story and another if you can't find something you know you covered last year (turns out the internal memory drive is more accurate than the external one, even at my advanced age).
  • And I've recently learned that while blogger will give me a lot of space, it only "logs" 5000 posts, and I'm way past that, so at this point, every time I post, I "lose" something on the back end. Which isn't the end of the world --more weeds than wheat here, I am aware-- but every so often it would be nice, out of curiosity, to know what I was writing about 5 years ago. 
  • Might just start from scratch with a new blog and a link to this one. Haven't decided yet.
Anyway... if the blog blows up in the next few hours or days, that's what's happening. Hope to be back soon.