Remember When King Died To Elect Martha Coakley?

Senate Candidate Margaret Coakley makes Joe Biden look like the strong, silent type.

First she sent out campaign lit denouncing tea parties. In Boston.
Then she said Catholics shouldn't work in ERs.
Then she falsely accused her opponent of wishing to bar rape victims from getting treatment (he's suing); but she has a terrible actual case of not helping a child-rape victim in her past. It was a highly controversial case --why oh why would she bring this topic up?
Then she said Curt Schilling was a Yankees fan.
Then she said there were no terrorists in Afghanistan.
Then she said "we've got to get taxes up."
And today she told a room full of black politicians, businessmen and activists
"I'm running for the United States Senate because Dr. King's work is unfinished; his dream is unrealized," she said.
"Tomorrow we act on the dream and we make sure that we allow me to continue that work," Coakley said. "We remember the dream tomorrow and we will act on the dream tomorrow."
Hoo boy.
Update: Jim Geragty has more Coakley gaffes and Brown's excellent, pitch-perfect campaign in The Perfect Storm Hits.