Revising Good News Downward

Instapundit points out that jobless claims are up "unexpectedly" yet again. What I notice is that every economic report that comes out is now revised to a worse number a little later when the full stats are in. This is precisely the opposite of every economic report during the Bush era, in which the actual numbers (hardly noticed) always turned out to be better than originally expected.

Remember posts like these?
A little bit better's the same as worse. (In which the "growth recession" was occurring.)
Depressingly good news. (In which growth was reported as a bad thing.)
No such thing as a good economy.(My formula for economic reportage revealed)

What accounts for the fact that during the Bush administration, conservative estimates made headlines, and the more positive actual numbers didn't, whereas now inflated estimates make headlines, and the later downward revisions are barely touched?

Bueller? Anybody?

P.S. Bless you, C. Blosser, for restoring my search button. Finding stuff makes me happy.