Annals of Self-Awareness, 5

So a bunch of Corner-ites, beginning w/ Ramesh Ponnuru, think they have outed themselves as Brie-eaters. In "Brie at Last," one of them writes,
Ramesh, you wrote the post I didn't have the courage to.
Spare us. You're National Reviewbies, of course you eat Brie.

Mark Steyn goes off on an amusing tangent in Live Brie or Die!
You'd be surprised at how many Continental dinner parties the general tastelessness of American cheese comes up as evidence of the pointlessness of U.S. federalism: as one Frenchman put it to me, at least in Europe they have the federalisme du fromage, whereby every ten miles you'll come across a different unpasteurized cheese. Whereas USDA has successfully imposed ruthless centralized cheese homogeneity from Maine to Hawaii. 
On the Continent, it is better to have interesting cheese than liberty. It's an argument.