Chile's Done It Again

8.8 Magnitude Earthquake in Chile sends tsunami 500mph barreling straight for Hawaii. The entire Pacific, including Oz and Japan, is under tsunami warning, although as I type they've already dialed the direst predictions about how big the wave will be down.
A tsunami after the magnitude-9.5 quake that struck Chile in 1960, the largest earthquake ever recorded, killed about 140 people in Japan, 61 in Hawaii and 32 in the Philippines. That tsunami was about 3.3 to 13 feet (one to four meters) in height, Japan's Meteorological Agency said.
The tsunami from Saturday's quake was likely to be much smaller because the quake itself was not as strong.
Japanese public broadcaster NHK quoted earthquake experts as saying the tsunami would likely be tens of centimeters (inches) high and reach Japan in about 22 hours. A tsunami of 28 centimeters (11 inches) was recorded after a magnitude-8.4 earthquake near Chile in 2001.
Stay safe, people.