The Outrage Is Retarded

The problem with Rahm Emanuel's recent outburst is that it's vulgar, not that he somehow insulted persons with Down Syndrome. Couldn't agree more with this:
His use of "retarded" has no more connection to people with Down Syndrome and other forms of retardation than his constant use of the F word refers to the act of coitus. "Moron," imbecile," and "idiot" used to be terms used by psychology to denote different gradations of retardation, but now we just use them as epithets, and that's obviously how he was using "retarded." Emanuel is a vulgar jerk, but can't conservatives, at least, refrain from grievance-mongering and hair-trigger offense-taking? I realize pouncing on him is payback for all the stuff the Left does to us, but, really, someone has got to be a grown-up in this country.
Emanuel called certain people "F--ing retarded." If you accept a person in his position having no more sense of decorum than to drop the F bomb, there is nothing further to complain about. "Retarded," "gypped," "Dutch treat," "welshing on a bet," "Indian giver." These are all words and idioms that have their origins in prejudices and stereotypes but no longer mean anything of the kind.

If we wish to have a discussion about civility versus vulgarity, fine (perhaps the President has something to say about it?). But this kind of cherry-picking offenses is silly.