Jubilation T. Cornpones For Life

Here's the press release of Democrats for Life of America.
Democrats for Life of America (DFLA) applauds President Obama for his bold leadership in agreeing to an Executive Order that bans taxpayer funded abortions in the health care reform bill expected to pass the House this evening."

"We are proud to support this historic healthcare legislation. President Obama's Executive Order shows that when we work towards common ground in Washington we can do the people's business and end the gridlock. By working with House Leaders and the White House, DFLA shows how the pro-life Democrats are a key and growing constituency.
Whether that is the greatest lie or greatest self-deception ever heard of I leave to the judgment of the Almighty, but I never want to hear about pro-life Democrats ever again. Everyone sensible understands that politics is the art of the possible as the cliche goes: but these people have allowed their opponents to pick up their quarterback, carry him down field to his own end zone, and then rejoiced over the touchdown.  They nationalized abortion -- a thing no radicals in the history of this country have ever been able to accomplish!

We should not be surprised, however. This is the group that offered no pro-life amendments to the Dem party platform back in 2008. Complete capitulation is their announced strategy --Stupak included, as we noted back in October. There is no principle for Democrats for Life higher than being a Democrat...for life.

But at least they've got Stubby Kaye to sing for them.