No Ring To It

About six weeks ago I suddenly started getting email from the President or David Plouffe. I don't know why, as I'm not aware of signing up for it --and it comes to my personal address, not the various addresses I use to collect blogosphere stuff. Not that you care, but this just arrived.

This is not a death panel allusion, but hasn't the word "Final" been rather discredited in this sort of context?
...the House is now expected to hold its final vote as soon as one week from today.
As we speak, insurance-industry lobbyists are gathering at the D.C. Ritz-Carlton to stage a last-minute blitz to block reform -- even as they jack up premiums by as much as 60% for small businesses and families across the country.
So starting today, we're launching an unprecedented week-long campaign sprint -- our "Final March for Reform." 
I'm thinking if my enemies were calling me a Socialist, I wouldn't be "Final Marching" anything.
Each day until the vote, we'll feature a powerful new way for OFA supporters to speak out in our communities and weigh in directly with Congress. Today, we'll start by spreading the facts about reform in our communities.Smears and falsehoods have clouded this debate -- Congress must understand that if they pass reform, their constituents will know the truth about what we've finally achieved.
Then I'm led to a page you can't see unless you register for the site, but it's awesome. You have to see this website, which has the amazing name You know how lobbying groups will help you write a letter to your congressman? The President will not only do that, he'll write a letter to the editor for you, too, and send it to any paper you check. Which explains that little dust-up about the sock-puppet letters to the editor from a few weeks back. You really must check it out, if only for the amazing use of the Obama logo.
 Afterwords, revisit this 8-minute lecture from Bill Whittle about how Obama uses his logo and what it means.

Update: and while we're at it, ninme has another triumph of government health care for us.