ScaryCare Makes Me Feel Dirty

Or suicidal. One.

Posted without further comment except to say I feel I need to shower after bathing in this bathos, here is the email I just received from the President.

RC2 --

"I'm here for Natoma."

That's what President Obama wrote us yesterday about Natoma Canfield, an Ohio woman whose story helped inspire the President and the nation to keep fighting for reform.

As we speak, each member of Congress is preparing to cast their last vote on health reform, while insurance-company lobbyists bombard D.C. with a million-dollar-a-day campaign of distortions and threats. To break through in these final moments, we must show Congress why we'll never forget the choice they make: Because we're fighting for the people who matter most in our lives.

So today, we've launched a new tool to help OFA supporters show Congress the names of the people who drive us to support reform. It might be a sick father. Maybe it's a friend who lost her job. Or maybe it's a daughter who simply deserves to grow up knowing that affordable care is always within reach. Whoever you know that's inspired you to fight for reform, the time to act is now.

Our voice is strongest when we speak out together, so we're aiming to send 89 messages from Hyattsville to Representative Edwards today. Submitting your letter takes just a moment -- please click here to join in.

Representative Edwards has stood with the President and fought for reform since the very beginning. And as the insurance companies launch their desperate attacks, a message about why you're fighting too -- combined with your thanks and knowing that you stand with them -- will offer extra inspiration to carry this fight to the finish.

As the President reminded us, reform is not just about helping those who struggle today -- it's about making sure that no American is ever just one job loss, accident, or illness away from going without the care they require. That's why we're committed to reform that ends insurance-company abuses, guarantees affordable choices, and brings down costs.

But it all depends on the upcoming vote in the House of Representatives -- and with just a day or two left, it's still too close to call.

Our new online tool makes it easy to tell Rep. Edwards who you're fighting for, and you can even submit a quick photo to drive the message home. Your words and images will be sent straight to your representative, and they'll be visible to every member of Congress before the final vote is cast.

Together, we can send a unique message, powerful enough to break through when it matters the most.

Thanks for making it possible,


Natalie Foster
New Media Director

I lied. Some further comments. Blech, blech and double-blech. Nothing about the common good, fidelity to the Constitution or use of reason. Just tell a sob story. This form of argument is itself deeply corrupting, no matter what it's advocating.

There is no sob story like that of a people who once knew freedom. I already told Donna Edwards that.