Big Brown Whoopsie


ninme posts the full footage of "bigotgate," in which Gordon Brown runs into a member of his public for what appears to be the first time in years. It's long, but watch the whole thing --it's fascinating! In spite of the policy differences I have with him, I was impressed with how well he listened to her and what a nice conversation it was. But he thought it was a disaster, as you'll see --which causes him to make it a disaster indeed.

In comments at ninme's, Rueful Red observes:
I felt really sorry for Mrs Duffy, she’s from the Labour Party that no longer exists. That moment when her jaw drops when she hears what he said is in miniature how the old Labour Party feels about New Labour.
 Backwards in High Heels (curtsy: Londiniensis), in a piece that makes Gordon Brown seem a lot like Barack Obama to me, writes:
In the final, Shakespearian twist, it was Mrs Duffy, a Labour loyalist, on her way to the shops to buy a loaf of bread, who, quite without meaning to, struck the fatal blow. 
Update, also from ninme. Daniel Hannan notes the worst thing about this, and it's not the two-faced phoniness, the policy positions or the rudeness.
Gordon Brown has evinced the single ugliest feature of the Left, namely its belief that opposed views are morally, rather than intellectually, mistaken.