Childish, Jealous Killings

ninme found a fascinating article on the psychology of Muslims. Well worth a read, although the author, a Dane, has some secular euro-prejudices of his own (as proof of the inability of Muslims to assimilate into Western nations, he cites the fact that very few immigrant Muslims will classify themselves as "more French [or German, or whatever] than Muslim." I wouldn't say I was more American than Christian, but I am unabashedly American. I dispute the premise of the question). Still very worth the read, however, and he has concrete suggestions about how to resist.

Many young Muslims become assailants. This is not just because of the Muslim cultural acceptance of aggression, but also because the Muslim honor mentality makes them into fragile, insecure men. Instead of being flexible and humorous they become stiff and develop fragile, glass-like, narcissistic personalities.

Unfortunately, most journalists and media people use the term “honor” when describing cases of violence where the offender makes excuses for himself by stating that his honor was offended....By using this term, as used by the offender, the media automatically takes the perspective of a clearly psychopathic and narcissistic excuse for treating other people badly. Instead, we should take our own Western culture as a basis when describing such crimes. Terms like “family execution," “childish jealousy,” “control maniac” or “insecure” would be much closer to our cultural understanding of such behavior.