Gramma Says: Never Be Over Budget Again!

Each year Mr. W. & I have a discussion about our finances and priorities, and carefully craft a budget to meet our family's needs and as many of its wants as we can prudently afford. We've definitely felt the pinch in recent years --with the stock market collapse of 2008 doing deep damage to our kids' college funds-- rising energy and food costs, inflation, taxation, I had to give up chef and limousine service, yadda-yadda, same as everyone.
But after two years of belt-tightening, which is just so stressful, we've had enough. You know what we've decided to do from now on as the task of paying for things we want has grown more difficult? Not budget at all! From now on we're just going to appropriate funds on an ad hoc basis as needs arise. I'll never worry about living within my means again! And who can worry about meeting a budget that doesn't exist! My worry lines are just melting away!

(We learned this new technique from Nancy Pelosi, by the way.)