What Happened Here?


This video has gone viral as a Muslim student's chilling endorsement of the idea that all Jews should gather in Israel so they can be killed more easily.

Odious as Hamas & Hezbollah are to me, I honestly don't think that's what the girl meant. I think she was responding to Horowitz' prior question about whether or not she supported Hamas. She initially doesn't want to say, and finally, as he goes on and on, she basically blurts out, fine, I'm for it --for Hamas, not genocide-- to get him to respond to her.

Leaving aside for the moment whether Hamas can be separated from genocide (I think it ultimately cannot), I am asking about the girl's self-understanding (some Palestinians do try to make a distinction between Hamas as a governing party and the unsavory elements of its creed). I am completely with Horowitz as to the politics of the issue, and understand why he misunderstood her. Nevertheless, I think he did. What do you think?

Update: nin thinks I'm nuts, or at least woke up too cheerful this morning. I understand she's (the student, not ninme) being smug and defiant; I just think her defiance is refusing to denounce Hamas, not endorsing the Hezbollah guy's murderous statement. FWIW, here's her follow-up statement.