Zero Prudence Policies

Here is an example of how zero tolerance policies quickly become inhuman and absurd because they preclude rational thought and prudence. A freshman who is "a pleasure to have in class" was suspended for having his rosary at school. No, it's not a church and state thing. It's a gang thing.
Laguna says she was told the school has an unwritten policy regarding beads because they could be used to show gang affiliation. 
Unwritten policy! Woe to the law-abiding who run afoul of unwritten bureaucratic policies.
The principal claims it was insubordination, saying Laguna's actions, "endangered the safety, health, morals or welfare of himself or others."
Yes, we can all see how other children are endangered by the possibility their classmate might pray for them. Shanked by the 4th luminous mystery: happens all the time!

Whatever. The principal is another petty little tyrant helping us craft a society where what the majority has the "right" to do is dictated by imams, drug lords and gang members.