Unce Sam Wants YOU To Celebrate Gay Pride Month

Jimmy Akin has the scoop. Here is the presidential proclamation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month, which he "calls upon all Americans to observe."

Strikes me as a smack in the face to observant members of almost every faith. It's not "homosexual equality" month, but LGBT Pride.....Really? We're supposed to be proud of the transgender phenomenon?

Meanwhile.....  40 retired military chaplains (and 140,000+ supporters) have written to the President asking him not to support the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, as it will unleash a witch hunt against Christians and other believers in the military. Actually, "repeal" will simply mean the transfer of the policy from sexuality to religious belief.
"By raising homosexual behavior to the same protected status as innate, innocuous characteristics like race and gender, the armed forces will cast the sincerely held religious beliefs of many chaplains and Service members as rank bigotry comparable to racism," the letter said.

"Put most simply, if the government normalizes homosexual behavior in the armed forces, many (if not most) chaplains will confront a profoundly difficult moral choice: whether they are to obey God or to obey men," the letter said. "This forced choice must be faced, since orthodox Christianity -- which represents a significant percentage of religious belief in the armed forces -- does not affirm homosexual behavior.

Chuck Colson of Prison Fellowship quoted the chaplains letter saying "the former chaplains wrote, 'chaplains might have their ability to freely share their religious beliefs challenged and torn away' in everyday situations. For example, chaplains administer a marriage support program called Strong Bonds, helping couples endure the stresses of military life. Should homosexual conduct be normalized, same-sex couples may sign up for Strong Bonds. But, as the letter states clearly, the beliefs of many chaplains 'would not allow them to support relationships that are both harmful and sinful,'" which would prompt charges of discrimination.