De Gustibus...

Some kindly older teen divested herself of her nail polish collection, bequeathing it to our young niece, who brought the set with her on the cousin visit. She & Girl Weed have been running a nail salon for each other for days, but yesterday they tired of experimenting on themselves and needed fresh meat.

I made the mistake of sitting still for three minutes. (Even the dog knew better.)

That is how it happens that I have American flags on my toes, artfully created with the help of blue, red & silver lacquers, plus blue sparkles top coat.

The little girls think this is absolutely beautiful as Spacious Skies or Amber Waves of Grain. Beautiful-er, in fact, because there are sparkles.

Gramma, however, took one look and exclaimed, "How awful, you look like a wh--e!"

Fortunately not in earshot of the little beauticians, who would have found her opinion distinctly unpatriotic. She's a little bit right, though. There's little I wouldn't do to win the Coolest Aunt competition.