Mosque-ow On The Hudson

Opponents of the mosque near ground zero have not exactly covered themselves in glory in my view, even if I share their conclusion. Besides Bill McGurn's piece on why the Cordoba House people ought to cease and desist, this is the best and most reasonable piece on the issue I've seen. It puts forth the facts dispassionately (without the "monument to sharia casting its shadow over sacred ground!" rhetoric which is a distortion, plain and simple); but it also focuses on the real issue, which is not symbolism, but the possibility the mosque could be an enemy front group. Uprooting sedition is a legitimate reason to limit freedom of religion, which is not absolute as polygamy laws demonstrate, at least for the 20 more minutes they hold now that there is no "essence" to the marriage bond (thank you SO much Olson & Boies).

(And by the way, if you really want to keep sharia out of our law and culture, you might think about not undermining our legal ability to defend against polygamy, which is the main way it's entering in all the nations of Europe -and NY- already. You cannot maintain both polygamy and the principle of equality before the law, yet I wonder how many "conservatives" apoplectic over Cordoba House are willing to defend one man one woman marriage in public. Just askin').

Update: Judea Pearl's view.