The Myth of The Latin Lover

Someone's done an international promiscuity test. Not that I'm proud of it, but the French, Italians & Spanish are less promiscuous than we are, Brazilians about the same.

The most promiscuous nations are not known for breeding lotharios: Finland, New Zealand (but not Australia, which falls middle-of-the-road, like us), Slovenia, Lithuania & Austria. Russia's not on the list at all that I can see, but I am forced to conclude that vodka plays a larger role than I'd realized in the lowering of moral standards (yes, even in NZ).

I also point out that the test does not include the question: "agree or disagree, I would have to be married to a person before sleeping with him." Therefore the test itself is naughty. And, alas, sleeping around doesn't make us happy. Which leads to more vodka, which seems to explain Finnish culture completely.