Out-Outing Yourself

Bush's 2004 campaign manager and former RNC chair Ken Mehlman has "outed himself." In the Atlantic he's quite angst-ridden over not being a more vocal advocate for same-sex marriage when he was in politics. This is another of those puzzling non-revelations (see update here). There is not a soul in politics who didn't already know Mr. Mehlman was homosexual; it was an active part of conversations about the GOP's response to same-sex marriage activism.
I raise the point so when the columns about the terrible stifling homophobia of the GOP ("their most loyal workers unable to be true to themselves") follow in the next few days, you will remember that everyone already knew this and had no problem working with Mr. Mehlman, and give the appropriate snort of derision.

Update: But don't take my word for it....