Paging Brett McS

Oz is bound for a hung parliament, maybe? Seems like Julia Guillard's election gamble backfired on her, but I need a certain intrepid correspondent on the scene to 'splain it all to me. (Though the Taiwanese, bizarrely, have a pretty good cartoon summary.) Meanwhile, PM-for-now is left to bluster:
"There are anxious days ahead, but I will keep fighting," Gillard said.
Why do politicians feel the need to say things like that in instances when "fighting" means "waiting anxiously for a final vote count"?
Update: Brett McS is cautiously happy, thinks this will turn out well for our man Abbott:
the best coverage as usual is at sites like Tim Blair's and Andrew Bolt's.  The usual media and the TV talking heads are useless. The Blairiites and I are mightily chuffed.  Under Abbott's predecessor, the sook Turnbull (google, nb) the conservatives were looking at losing another 15 seats against Rudd, because of Turnbull's Labor-lite positions (ala Cameron in the UK), which could have lead to a Cameron-like (almost) eternal opposition, waiting and waiting for the government to finally self-destruct.  Instead, Abbott turned it around in one election cycle (actually, half of one) by virtue of decisive positions against Cap and Tax like proposals and the slackening of immigration controls under Labor (which still look like Fort Knox compared to yours, but that's another story).

So either the government will try to hang on in minority for a while - which will be mightily entertaining for the Blairites et al - until the in-fighting results in self-destruction - or else, more likely, Abbott will form the next government and then go on to a solid majority at the next election.  He really has been a bit of a revelation - very much misunderestimated!
 So, yay! He left some additional details at ninme's.