Prop Infinity

A gay judge overturned Prop 8 as expected. William Duncan summarizes the opinion as the belief that since the beginning of time, across all cultures and religions,
the world’s cultures all consulted about how to put down gay people and came up with marriage as the solution.
Iowahawk tweets the question:
If Prop 8 has been overturned, does that make it Prop Infinity? 
No, but that's how long the appeals process will continue.

Update: Mr. W. w/ an excellent comment.
OK, gender is no longer essential, but does this judge at any point tell us what IS essential for marriage?  That's a serious question, because I believe there can be no answer at all if "gender" is not essential.

Our judge-philosopher who must know an "essential" in order to make such a ruling, has not expanded marriage, he has abolished it.  I defy anyone to give me anything that is "essential" to marriage now, i.e., just say what it really is.  I say it can't be done.