Siege Of Vienna, VA?

Each national election of the past decade, it has appeared to me that Western Civilization itself has hung in the balance, and if possible each one moreso. Here's Thomas Sowell on this November (and listen to the whole interview while you're at it):
The 2010 elections are one of the most, if not the most, important elections we’ve ever held.  Because if Obama doesn’t get stopped in this fall’s election, I don’t know how he’ll ever be stopped.  For one thing, people talk about his falling poll numbers.  He’s still in the 40% range.  If he can somehow make millions of illegal immigrants legal voters before 2012, he can win a second term.  That would be the point of no return.  The November elections are like the battle of Poitiers or the seige of Vienna.  If those battles had gone a different way, the entire history of the world would have been different.  In the November elections, this country will be at stake.
Coincidentally, kind friends just sent me a novel on the Siege of Vienna. Hope it's not an omen. Or maybe I hope it is, since we won the first one.