We Need The Rationing You're Foolish To Worry About!

That is the highly rational position of the Formerly Gray Lady. Those rascally Republicans are fear-mongering Obamacare, warning against rationing that is never going to exist.
Republicans in both the Senate and the House have introduced bills that would eliminate the new Independent Payment Advisory Board, which is supposed to come up with ways to rein in excessive Medicare spending — and stiffen Congress’s spine. ...None of this poses any real threat to Medicare beneficiaries.
Plus, they're beating up on a guy who wouldn't dream of rationing care:
Republicans are also eagerly, and shamefully, pillorying Dr. Donald Berwick, the new head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. There are few figures who command greater respect for uniting health professionals and institutions to improve the quality of medical care while reducing costs. That is not stopping these critics from implying — baselessly — that he will introduce socialized medicine and death panels in this country.
Except for when he's praising it in the British system and "rightly" calling for it here.
The truth is that Dr. Berwick has praised the socialized British health care system, especially for its emphasis on primary care. This country certainly needs to do more to develop its primary care system. And he has, rightly, called for an open discussion of the health care rationing that is already widespread in our system.
[snip] Dr. Berwick has endorsed the use of “comparative effectiveness” research to determine which treatments work best. He would use such research to judge whether a new drug or procedure is worth the cost of coverage, a step the reform law shies away from.
Clearly she is too old and feeble-minded to merit any further waste of resources. Curtsy: SHS